The full programme is still being put together, but the event will be jam-packed with activities including:
  • Artemis Bridge Simulator! A 6-player game of crewing your own battleship, with all the chaos and screaming you might expect.
  • Live RPG gaming with Dave Hughes and Elite: Encounters
  • Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming with Elite: Dangerous
  • Raffle Mountain returns!
  • CASH PRIZE gaming competition
  • CASH PRIZE Cosplay competition
  • Simon Fisher-Becker’s live one man show
  • Independent film screening
  • Retro computer gaming
  • Join StarWarz4Hire and get yourself photographed next to a life sized Jabba the Hut, R2D2, Yoda, Han Solo in carbonite and more, all while sitting on an awesome Star Wars speeder bike!
  • Book readings from established and upcoming authors including Drew Wagar, Stuart Aken, Jex Collyer and more
  • Exclusive book launches from the likes of Simon Fisher-Becker (his autobiography in print) and Drew Wagar (the first book in his much anticipated Shadeward Saga) and more…
  • The Fantastic Bookstore
  • Dozens of market stalls offering everything from comic books, original artwork, steampunk clothing and accessories to signed memorabilia, Star Wars and Dr Who collectibles and anime, all in the Fantastic Market
  • Stars of stage and screen including Toby Longworth (Star Wars, Dr Who, Elite: Fiction, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Penny McDonald (Dr Who, Elite: Fiction, decades on stage and screen) and Derek Lyons (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Shining, Krull, Flash Gordon)
  • Live camera and gaming feeds so our international fans can join in the fun
  • A NERF battle arena
  • And much, much more…